The Upgrade

The founding members of “The Upgrade” are:
Ferdinand Irany, Georgio Sayegh, Kamal Mouawad, Maroun Dagher and
Melhem Haykal.

After graduation, the listed members found that it would be a great idea to
combine their experiences and invest their acquired aptitudes for the better
of society; hence, “The Upgrade”.

The main goals of The Upgrade are the following:

• Help people reclaim their minds. Nowadays, it has become the easiest of
choices to ignore the depth of our lives and to surrender to the flow of
mediocrity and ineptitude. People are now pulled towards stagnant lives,
ordinary everyday thoughts and activities and thus neglecting their true
potential; this potential that enables them to challenge a whole society, and
change it.
The products of our lives in terms of medicine, engineering, science and
economy are all at a rise, but we as humans are at a very deep fall. This is
where we, “The Upgrade”, want to interfere.


• Help people reshape society.
We believe that by working on the mindset of our members and providing
them with the proper education, general knowledge and skills, we will be
able to unleash new promising potential. All those who join us will have
more confidence in their aptitude and talents. When people work together
with such trust, they will be able reshape society, pull it from the dirt, and
leave a remarkable trace for the future young generations.


• Help people be the upgrade, not only make an upgrade.
With a strong sense of ethics, determined ambition and powerful unity, we
will be one family. With such solidarity, we will build a society based on
trust and righteousness. This will lead to change, a change towards the
greater good.


We have hope that through hard work and perseverance, all society will be
the upgrade.


Mr. Kamal Mouawad
The Upgrade